Clash Royale Review

Clash Royale Review

We’re going to look at the latest free-to-play RTS video game called Clash Royale. The developer behind the game, Supercell, has taken elements of tower defense and multiplayer online battle arena games and put them into one, unique game. Originally released March 2, 2016, the game is currently available worldwide for iOS and Android devices. … Read more

Island War Review 2022

Island War Review

This game is a great mix of a strategy and RTS. The alternating first-person perspectives help the reader experience the impact of war, both personal and global. We learn about the Aleut culture through the characters Izzy and Matt, and how they form friendships with local kids. But the biggest flaw in the game is … Read more

Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade game

Rise of Kingdoms - Lost Crusade

If you’re looking for a strategy game that requires a lot of strategic thinking and resource management, you should check out Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusader. The developers at Lilith Games have created a game that’s both challenging and enjoyable. The gameplay in Rise of Kings: The Last Crusade will take you on a journey … Read more

Poppy Rope Game review

Poppy Rope Game review

Is there anything better than playing a superhero game for free? If you’ve ever played Super Mario Bros., Poppy Rope Game is a must-try! This action-packed platformer lets you control a 13-foot animatronic monster with a variety of superpowers. In addition to swinging around, you can also fight the villains in this free-to-play game! The … Read more

Brain Story: Tricky Puzzle Review

Brain Story -Tricky Puzzle Review

Brain Story: Tricky Puzzle is a game that is designed to improve your brain power. It involves different types of puzzles that you have to solve. You can solve these games using your logical thinking, creativity, and imagination. If you get stuck, just try to move your finger to get a hint. This game can … Read more