If you’re thinking about getting your masters degree, but aren’t sure if public administration is the right field of study for you, then you should definitely consider online masters in public administration programs. Here are five great reasons why these programs are well worth considering!

1. Security

A career in public administration is both rewarding and lucrative. It’s also challenging and complex, requiring at least 10 years of related experience to reach your full earning potential. If you’re looking for an online degree that will prepare you for these challenges, pursuing a public administration masters degree can give you an edge. For example, programs like Georgia State University’s Master of Science in Public Administration are offered 100% online, making it convenient for working professionals to earn their advanced degrees without sacrificing their careers or families. In fact, many students find that their increased knowledge makes them more competitive in today’s job market and helps them advance their careers by preparing them to work on increasingly complex issues within local government agencies and nonprofit organizations.

2. Freedom

An online masters degree in public administration allows you to control your schedule and maintain a high level of flexibility. This is especially useful if you are working full-time or have another commitment that limits how much time you can devote to schoolwork. With an online masters in public administration, earning your degree can be completed at your own pace while still providing you with all of the perks of traditional campus programs such as networking opportunities and hands-on learning experiences. In addition, many organizations now provide tuition reimbursement for workers taking classes to further their education which means paying for your master’s degree is possible even if it isn’t covered by financial aid options or employer tuition reimbursement plans.

3. Flexibility

For some professionals, it’s important to complete their degree while still working and earning money. An online degree allows you to continue in your full-time job while pursuing your passion for public administration, so it doesn’t interfere with your current commitments. When you take an online course, there are fewer distractions and you have time to focus on each topic. This helps you retain more information in a shorter amount of time. The flexibility of an online program gives working professionals like yourself more control over your schedule so that you can devote more time to finishing what you started. Additionally, studying for courses on campus may cost significantly more than taking them online if certain fees apply; therefore, those looking for ways to save money should consider an affordable option like most of these schools!

4. Education Quality

Going back to school to pursue an advanced degree in public administration will provide you with some of the best education and training that your tuition dollars can buy. Unlike many of its alternatives, an online program will help you keep up with technology and stay relevant in your field. It’s one thing to get your degree, but it’s another thing entirely when it doesn’t serve you once you walk away from campus. With higher education moving more toward e-learning solutions, an online program is both convenient and efficient—and also convenient on your wallet!

5. Affordability

The days of spending tens of thousands of dollars on a master’s degree may be over. The cost to enroll in an online master’s in public administration program can vary from just under $500 to well over $20,000. Many schools are committed to providing low-cost degrees for students who might not otherwise be able to afford higher education. A large number of schools require no tuition for those enrolled in their programs and offer competitive scholarships as well. With today’s job market more competitive than ever, it only makes sense that as many degrees as possible should be accessible to everyone willing and able to get one. Get started on your masters in public administration today!